Coding with clarity

Publicado el 28 Oct 2017 en micropost • Etiquetado como buenas prácticas, principio de responsabilidad única, separación de comandos y consultas, bajo acoplamiento, alta cohesión

Working code isn’t necessarily good code. Your code also needs to be easy to read, understand, and modify. It needs clarity, and to achieve that, it has to be organized well, with careful planning and proper separation of ideas taking place before you even open your code editor. Coding …

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Never write for-loops again

Publicado el 12 Dec 2016 en micropost • Etiquetado como buenas prácticas, bucles, listas por comprensión, iteradores, generadores, Python

It’s been a while since I started exploring the amazing language features in Python. At the beginning, it’s just a challenge I gave myself to practice using more language features instead of those I learned from other programming language. And things are just getting more fun! Not only …

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Bullet proofing Django models

Publicado el 07 Nov 2016 en micropost • Etiquetado como django, buenas prácticas, DRY, bajo acoplamiento, concurrencia, atomicidad, validación, testeo

We recently added a bank account like functionality into one of our products. During the development we encountered some textbook problems and I thought it can be a good opportunity to go over some of the patterns we use in our Django models. This article was written in the order …

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